who we are

We are a specialized industry dealing in Hair care Service and sale of Hair and beauty Products

Angels Afro is an all in one beauty shop that has existed for more than 25 years. We offer both beauty products sales and Hair care service.

Our beauty products includes skincare and hair care. As a professional industry we take a lot of time to research and look for the best and healthy products for your skin and hair. Through this search we are able to bring products from the best brand across the globe.

Angels Afro has over 25 years of experience in Afro hair styling and designing, over time through training we have proudly become expert not only in dealing with Afro hair but all types of hairs (dry, oily, fine, colored, curly, thinning, or damaged hair). Some of our professional service includes: braiding, weaving, dreadlocks, cornrows, clipping, hair dying, and all other hair extension fixing.

Angels Afro hair designers undergo a continuous professional refresher courses organized with a sole purpose of updating, equipping, and exposing our hair designers to new and trending hair styles and hair care and hair care products. In 2018 our hair designers were part of a training program organized by Nanokeratin system, a company that is one of the pioneer and ant the forefront of hair technological research.

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